1.59 percent
According to the 2017 Census, Muslims make up 96.2 percent of Pakistan’s population, Hindus 1.6 percent, Christians 1.59 percent, Scheduled Castes 0.25 percent, Ahmadis 0.22 percent, and other minorities 0.07 percent.

It costs around $200-$250 a month to feed and educate the children in Faisalabad Pakistan. We are looking for around 40 faith-filled Christians to donate $5.50 a month to support this Catholic/Christian community. Updates of the community are 2 or 3 times a month on their fan page. https://www.facebook.com/faisalabadlittlestars. Thank you in advance for reading and if you are not able to help would you please pass this forward to someone you might think would love to be this community helping hands. The subscription and donate buttons are on this page.

Little Stars

Monthly Support for the Little Stars in Faisalabad
Yearly Support for the Little Stars in Faisalabad
We are looking for around 40 Faith-Filled Friends to support the Sunday School with a $5.50 per month donation. Thank you. 7 down 32 to go!
1. Kathy R. $40 donation good until 01/01/2021
2. Michael P. $11 per month subscription
3. Kirsten W. $5.50 per month subscription
4. Chris P. $11 per month subscription
5. Chris T. $5.50 per month subscription
6. Erik & Stephanie. $66 donaton good until 05/01/2022
7. Larry W. $50 donation good until 02/01/2021

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